I have never seen a better framed house in my life. All the people Rogan steered us in the direction of were real professionals and craftsmen.
— Homeowner
They live up to what they say they are going to do — how much it’s going to be and when they’re going to do it — they follow through.
— Homeowner
We are real perfectionists, so we had very high standards of how things would fit together. What they did was really up to our high standards.
— Homewoner
As an essential member of the building team, they remained focused on the same goal [as the contractors] to provide a home that surpasses your ideas for the perfect dream home.
— Homeowner
Rogan has passion. Sometimes good isn’t good enough — Rogan is always striving for great.
— Contractor
One of the neatest builders I’ve worked for. If you’re an artist, he allows you to do your art. He want the detail of art in every one of his homes, which really makes him an original builder.
— Designer